The Penny Tote

The Penny Tote
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  • Manufacturer: Ann Saunderson

603 Here & There solicited talented New Hampshire artist Ann Saunderson to create designs for this tote collection.


Ann decided she wanted to play around with something simple and repeatable so she created a stamp concept.  She wrapped string around a block of wood and … voila!  An abstract and attention-grabbing stamp was born. 


The Penny Tote features a combination of rich purple, rusty red and Mediterranean blue.

The “string stamps” and contrasting red blocks and stripes create a sophisticated and enticing design.


More Info on the tote supplier - a great tote and a great organization:

We are happy to be working with BMG Wholesale in California where we sourced the canvas totes and screen printing.  In addition to being made in the USA, BMG is also special because the bulk of their employees are adults with disabilities. BMG Wholesale consists of Deer Creek Sewing (Chico, CA) plus the combination of Feather River Industries (Oroville, CA) and Bear Mountain Production Services (Chico, CA), all part of the 501-c(3), not-for-profit corporation that is the Work Training Center. Disabled adults manufacture the sewing and wood products they sell on their web site.


  • Made in USA:
  • Exclusive to 603 Here & There:
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